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Corduroy Brisbane Moss

Brisbane Moss have been at the forefront of the manufacturing of Corduroy and Moleskin for over 150 years.

Moss Brothers Limited were weavers and converters of Corduroy and Moleskin fabric since the middle of the 19th century.

Corduroy and Moleskin are woven cloths traditionally having a high ratio of weft threads to warp threads, thus giving the appearance of a smooth weft faced fabric, usually thick and strong, and mostly made of 100% cotton. For Corduroy the smooth face of the fabric is interrupted by equally spaced ribs, or races, running the length of the piece, prior to dyeing these are cut on specialised machines to form ribs of raised pile, there are known as Wales which the differentiate the character of each corduroy product.

Moleskins are generally fabrics without prominent ribs, but with a smooth overall appearance. The loomstate fabric is dyed and finished in many different ways and shades, depending on the particular end use it is destined for. In most cases the surface of the face of the cloth is brushed or sueded to give a soft supple appearance and handle.

The common factor in all the above fabrics is the use of good quality cotton yarns, usually ring spun double ply yarns and the latest generation of cotton yarns spun on open end machines. However, the high quality fabrics processed to give a fine sueded finish use only soft ring spun yarns for the weft which throw a large amount of weft yarns onto the surface.

Since 1858, Brisbane Moss’s philosophy has and will always be to treat customers, partners and the environment with respect.

Over the next decade the challenge will be to create exciting textile fabrications and fashion fabrics without further damaging the planet, Brisbane Moss have already accepted and embraced the challenge for Sustainability, Organic yarns, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for dyeing, finishing, factory audit and recycled packaging. The sustainable challenge continues as they aim to lower their carbon footprint and launch new innovative fabrics even using yarns sourced and woven locally on traditional Lancashire looms.

Discover our Labor Jackets in Brisbane Corduroy 8-Wale, manufactered here in Paris, France :

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